Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Season Suggested Shipping Dates

The holidays are approaching. I can hear Santa's sleigh bells already!

Yes folks, as much as you would like to deny it (personally I live in denial), it's that time of year again! The one where Santa boards his big red Sleigh, and packs it full of toys for all the good little girls and boys. This also coincides with the time of year where I stand in line at the Post Office everyday, my arms full of presents for all the good little Browncoats... Coincidence? Wait, am I saying that I'm some kind of Santa Claus?? I'm not really a fan of beards (unless you count Wheezy Waiter...).

Anyway, I digress. It is time for me to announce the Annual Holiday Season Suggested Shipping Dates. These are the last dates that your package should be shipped if you want to get it in time for Dec 25th.

US: Thursday Dec 10th
CANADA: Friday Dec 18th
INTERNATIONAL: Tuesday December 1st

Now these are just suggested dates. Canada Post isn't making any guarantees about anything, and neither am I! ;) There is probably a little bit of lee-way in these dates, but please do remember that mailing items around the holidays usually takes a bit longer than normal, so the more wiggle-room the better. :) That means order early if you want your items in time for Christmas.

Stay shiny!
Ma Cobb

Cunning Hand-Knit Cowl from Ma Cobb

So my first real post in forever is going to be about one of the very fine new items available at Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe, and that is my Jayne-inspired cowl!

Cowls have been very popular on etsy this season, so I figured my little guy would be an excellent addition to the mix. And then what do you know, I've been featured in another gift guide on etsy! Well, I was pleased as punch when I noticed that, so I just had to share with anyone and everyone! Take a gander at all the pretties available:

Anyway, while I'm at it I might as well give you all the little features of my darling new cowl! It's made from an uber-chunky, super-soft wool/acrylic blend, and the colours (as well as the yarn) are a little bit different than my regular acrylic Jayne hat. These are super rich and delightfully soft. Perfect for nuzzling against your chin and neck!

I was so happily surprised to find my little guy nestled in with all the other fantastic items that can be found in the gift guides. It really is gratifying to be honoured like that. It's even great just to know that you must be doing something right... ;)
So with a wink and a nudge, I will leave you to this fabulous fall afternoon.

Take care, and stay shiny!
Ma Cobb

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Busy little beavers...

Well it was a very busy Halloween season here at Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe. I think there must have been quite a few Jaynes out there trick-or-treating this year... or perhaps it'd be more Jayne-like to be intimidatin' and steal candy from the trick-or-treaters... Whatever the case may be, the Jaynes were out in full force this year, which meant for a very busy October, and thus my lack of blogging.

Another thing keepin me busy this past month has been the launch of my brand new site with a new design! Now you can find me at MaCobbsHatShoppe.com. Take a perusal and let me know what you think. :)

I've also launched a few new products on etsy! I plan to go into more detail in future blogs, but I've added a few new rubber stamp designs, as well as a new Jayne-inspired cowl. Most notably, I've also added a few new button sets designed by fellow Browncoat Elizabeth! Check out the very fine designs in my shoppe here. More details and posts to come.

Also look forward to my ever popular "Christmas shipping deadlines" post in the next few days. Looks like you'll be hearing a lot from me in the next little bit. We must make up for lost time. ;)

Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Rubber Stamps!

Ni hao all!

Well, I've been a bit tardy with my updates, but that's only because I'm working on many new pretties for the Shoppe. I'm hoping to have a whole bunch of new button sets up before October, but until then I have added a couple of new rubber stamps to the shoppe:
Blue Sun Rubber Stamp

And here is my Allied Postal Service rubber stamp.

Along with some shiny new buttons, I will also have a couple other rubber stamp designs in shoppe shortly, I'm just waitin' for my order to come in. ;)

So stay tuned folks, and stay shiny!


Ma Cobb

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ma Cobb at Toronto's FanExpo! August 28-30 2009

Howdy folks,

Just wanted to make a quick update to let folks know that this coming weekend from August 28th to 30th is the Toronto FanExpo, and I will most definitely be there! So if anyone attending would like to purchase any of my fine goods without having to pay for shipping, please send me a wave at fadingendlessly[at]gmail[dot]com so we can coordinate a time and place to make the exchange. ;)

Stay shiny, and see you at the con!
Ma Cobb

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August/September Free Give-Away brought to you by Firefly Cargo Bay!

Ni Hao all,

I have some very pretty pretties for the August/September free give-away! They come from the secret stash at Firefly Cargo Bay. So secret that she doesn't even have them in her inventory yet, so you're getting an exclusive look at some of her new pretty pretties! Earthgirl was kind enough to share some with me, so here they are: fabulous 2 1/2 inch shiny buttons! So fabulous that they dwarf my tiny little 1 inch buttons! There are four different themes to choose from, and a few designs of each:

Three Firefly/Serenity designs:

Three Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog designs:

Three Dr Who designs:

Two Buffy The Vampire Slayer Designs:

So here's how you can bring one of these beauties home:
Just purchase something (anything) from my etsy shoppe, and as you're checking out please indicate in the notes to seller section your top three favourite Firefly Cargo Bay button designs. I will send you your #1 choice (unless it's sold out, then I'll send you your #2 choice etc). These are in limited quantity, so once they're gone, they're gone! So order quick to ensure you get your #1 button choice! If none of your top three choices are left I will send you a surprise button! :)
Thanks to Ms Earthgirl of Firefly Cargo Bay for the lovely give-aways!
Ma Cobb

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Firefly Themed Treasury on etsy.com

There's a fabulous new Browncoat themed treasury on etsy.com, and my buttons have been featured:

Please go ahead and check out the treasury and all the shiny items within! Support other browncoats on etsy.com. :) It will expire on Aug 9 at 10pm so be sure to see all the wares before then.

Stay shiny,

Ma Cobb


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe is Open Once Again!

Ni Hao all!

Just wanted to make a quick post to inform the masses that Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe is back from holiday, all caught up, and filling orders once again! I actually re-opened the shoppe last week, but I'm just finally getting back into the swing of things. So come on by and check out my wares: fadingendlessly.etsy.com.

I will be announcing the August/September free give-away in the next few days, so keep an eye on the blog to get the secret code to win some brand new goodies from Firefly Cargo Bay!

That's all for now folks, catch you on the next wave.
Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe featured in the Geekery Gift Guide on Etsy.com!

Wow! It seems as though the item that was featured on the etsy front page yesterday has been featured in the geekery gift guide today! Fantastic! Here's the mini:

And you can check out other fabulous items in the Geekery gift guides here.

What a great start to a Monday morning!

Stay shiny!
Ma Cobb

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe Going On Vacation July 14th-28th!!!

Ni hao all!
One more important thing that I wanted to blog about today and that is that Ma Cobb is going on vacation!! I will be going out of town for two weeks in July! Therefore I will be temporarily closing down Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe from July 14th-28th.

So what does that mean? That means that my last day for shipping is going to be Monday July 13th, so if you REALLY REALLY REALLY need a Jayne hat or some buttons, I encourage you to order within the next week, or over next weekend at the VERY LATEST!

The shoppe will be re-opened again probably around July 29th (or whenever I recover ;) ). And you will be free to order once more. :)
I'm really hoping that this won't inconvenience anyone! This will be my first significant time "away" from my shoppe since I started selling, so I'm really looking forward to some R&R! I have a feeling I won't know what to do with myself without a pair of knitting needles in my hands, but I'm sure I'll manage. ;)

Stay shiny all,
angela aka Ma Cobb

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe featured on Etsy Frontpage... and other news

I woke up this fine Sunday morning and one of my brand new button listings had 134 views! I guess it was featured as an alternate on the front page of etsy early this morning! Yay! This is my second etsy front page feature, so it is still very exciting for me! You can see the collection of lovelies here, thanks to craftcult:

Just lovely!

And I suppose I should take this opportunity to probably mention that I do have a few shiny new listings in my shoppe, including the above featured listing! I've got two new CUSTOMIZABLE button packs in my shoppe! There's a six-button set, and a ten-button set. I've had so many requests for mixed and matched combinations of buttons that I figured it was probably a good idea to make it a little easier on people and just make a mix and match listiing. Rest assured, I've still got all character-themed button sets in my shoppe, but now those who want different combinations of buttons also have options. So if you were thinking that you perhaps wanted a Wash button as well as a Jayne button, and a few Kaylee buttons there's a customizable listing just for you! :)

Along with the custom button packs, I've also listed two customizable MAGNET sets for those who don't really wear buttons, but still would like to have a few Serenifly accessories for the fridge, or for the filing cabinet at work. There's a six-magnet pack and a ten-magnet pack. So if you wanted that set of Jayne buttons made into magnets the six-magnet pack is the listing for you. Or maybe you wanted a few Frak magnets, and couple Dollhouse magnets, and a few Serenifly magnets. Well then, the ten-magnet set is probably what you're looking for! So many options!

Alrighty, I should probably get back to knitting now. It's been awhile since I've blogged, so I'll probably be back shortly with more news. June was a very busy month for me (thus the sparse blogging) with the CSTS screening in Toronto and a couple of other wholesale orders that I was working on. I do have a few other tidbits of news that I'd like to share, but I'll save them for a later post. So stay tuned. :)

Stay shiny,


Ma Cobb

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe going to Can't Stop the Serenity!

Ni hao all,

Just wanted to remind everyone of this weekend's Can't Stop the Serenity screening in Toronto! I am So Very Excited! :) Me and my hats and my buttons will be there, so this is the time to let me know if you want me to bring anything extra special just for you (and save yourself some shipping!).

This also means that I will likely be away from the cortex for most of the weekend (from Friday till Sunday), but rest assured that any orders recieved from Thursday to Sunday will be promptly shipped on Monday. So technically today (Wednesday) is the last day to order anything that will be shipped out this week (tomorrow). So get your orders in now, while the getting is good.

And if you're not in the Toronto area check out cantstoptheserenity.com for a Serenity screening near you! All proceeds go to charity, so it is always a good cause, as well as a good time. Equality Now thanks you! And those of us that work really hard to put these Screenings together thank you as well! :)

Until next week! Remember: you can't stop the signal!
Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Friday, June 12, 2009

Can't Stop The Serenity Toronto 2009

The Toronto screening of Serenity is almost upon us! Next Saturday (June 20th) 12:30 at the Bloor Cinema! Shindig to follow at the Pauper's pub. Be there or be square-shaped! I'm so excited! Great prizes, great auction items, great free stuff, great people, but best of all great FILM! More details can be found here: torontoserenity.blogspot.com

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe will totally be there, so if there's anyone attending who'd like to save on shipping please let me know! Send me a quick email at fadingendlessly[at]gmail[dot]com, or a convo on etsy and I'll be happy to oblige! I'll also be bringing a couple extra Jayne hats with me, for those who don't win the hats that are up for auction. ;) Or if you don't email me ahead of time, you can find me pretty easily at the event: I'll be the girl in the Jayne hat... Okay, maybe there'll be a few girls in Jayne hats, but I will also have a volunteer badge that says "Ma Cobb" on it, so you can't miss me!

Again, SO excited! See y'all there!
Stay shiny!
Ma Cobb

Monday, June 1, 2009

June Free Give-Away is brought to you by Wonderflonium (do not bounce)

Well I might actually be on time for this month's free give-away!

June's free give-away is brought to you by Dr Horrible and Captain Hammer... and all the fabulous quotes from the online sensation that is Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog! This give-away is in honour of the Toronto Can't Stop the Serenity Screening! We're screening Dr Horrible in Toronto this coming weekend (June 6th check here for more details), and Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe's Dr Horrible buttons will be there!

Dr Horrible Six Button Quote set:

Captain Hammer Six Button Quote Set:

Dr Horrible Sing-Along Blog Six Button Mixed Quote Set:

And even if you're not in the Toronto area, you can get a couple Dr Horrible buttons FREE with this month's give-away! All you need is the free code word: WONDERFLONIUM!

Just purchase something (anything) from my Etsy shoppe, and as you're checking out choose two (2) of your favourite quotes from the above Dr Horrible quote sets in my shoppe and enter them into the notes to seller (along with the free code word) as you're checking out on fadingendlessly.etsy.com. I will then send them to you with your purchase! FREE! Easy as pie!

So come on by Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe and get your free Doc Horrible buttons! Offer is only for the month of June, so get 'em while they're hot! :)

Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Toronto's Can't Stop The Serenity Screening only four weeks away!

Just a little reminder that Can't Stop the Serenity screenings are happening all over the world, and most of them in about a month's time. This includes Toronto's screeing on June 20th at 12:30 at the Bloor Cinema. More info can be found at torontoserenity.blogspot.com.

And here's a great little vid to get you in the mood:

Come one, come all to see Serenity once more on the big screen this June!
Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Haiku is Problematic...

I get a weekly newsletter from ThinkGeek.com and I just had to share this week's Haiku with the rest of the 'verse. They have a weekly Haiku contest, and the winning entry just happens to be about one of my favourite crewmembers!

The latest ThinkGeek Techie Haiku Winner is: Taylor from Montgomery, Alambama!
We lovingly title it

"This Haiku Is Problematic"

Use the Force, Malcolm
Gorram reavers on our tail!
Oops, wrong universe.

Ma Cobb

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Free Give-Away is Brought to you By...

Okay, okay, the May free give-away is a bit tardy, I'll admit, but here it is all the same, so enjoy!

This month's give-away is brought to you by Zoe, Simon, Inara and Book! Yep that's right! The newest Quotes button sets in my shoppe will be part of the free give-away this month! Take a look-see at all the pretties that are available:




More images of these button sets can be found in the listings in my Shoppe: fadingendlessly.etsy.com

Here are the details: All you have to do is purchase something (anything) from my Etsy shoppe! Choose your three (3) favourite quotes from the above quote sets in my shoppe and enter them into the notes to seller as you're checking out on fadingendlessly.etsy.com, and I will send them to you with your purchase! Easy as lyin'! ;)

These sets include such favourite quotes as:
The special Hell
Space Hooker
This must be what going mad feels like
We live in a spaceship dear
Too much hair!
It`s okay to leave them to die...
..... and so many more! Check them out!

Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog showing in TORONTO!

Wanna see Doc Horrible on the big-screen and sing-along with other Horrible fans? If you're in Toronto or the GTA then you're in for some fun! From the organizers of this year's Can't Stop The Serenity event in Toronto comes:

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!!

Here are the details straight from the horse's mouth at torontoserenity.blogspot.com. All are welcome:

Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog: The Internet Sensation is coming to Toronto on June 6, 2009

Toronto's Can't Stop The Serenity is showing Dr. Horrible on the big screen as part of our CSTS events.

Where: North York Central Library Auditorium
When: June 6, 2009. Doors open at 7:00
Why: To raise awareness of Equality Now and to sing along
How much: Only $5.00. All proceeds go to Equality Now.
Bring your Family, Bring Your Friends, Bring Your Voices. We're sorry. No Freeze rays allowed.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I've been featured in a Treasury...

Fantabulous! My Wash Quote Button Set has been featured in a treasury on Etsy!! What exciting news! Please go and click and post to bump it up. :) Here it is:

But it won't be around for long. ;)

Thanks so much to GlazedOver.etsy.com for including me! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Quick Note on Shipping this Weekend

Ma Cobb will be visiting the core planets this weekend (April 25th & 26th) and will be away from the cortex, so responses to convos and emails may be a bit delayed. But rest assured that all orders recieved will still be shipped promptly on Monday. Thank you for your patience! :)

Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FRAK! Battlestar Galactica Six Button Set added to Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe

Yep folks! We've got Battlestar Galactica buttons up in the Shoppe! Coinciding with the DVD release of the pilot episode of Caprica this week (it's in stores now, so what are you waiting for?). Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe has got a set of six buttons featuring some favourite BSG quips: So say we all, Good hunting, Fraking toaster, I am the final Cylon, I ♥ BSG, and everyone's favourite swear word: FRAK!
Plus every BSG six-button set comes with a shiny surprise BSG mystery button! Find out the mystery by ordering now. ;)

Here are the buttons in all their shiny glory:

And as always, if you have any other BSG button suggestions that you don't see here, please send me an email fadingendlessly[at]gmail[dot]com, or a convo on etsy, and we'll see about getting you just the button you're looking for. Just please be gentle with me, as I'm about a season-and-a-half behind on my BSG viewing (ie no spoilers please. Although you know I want to be spoiled! ;) ).
Stay shiny all, and good hunting! ;)
Ma Cobb

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Quotes Buttons are here!

The new Quotes buttons have been added to my shoppe: fadingendlessly.etsy.com





And the winners of the Quotes Contest have been sent their winnings! Thanks again to all who participated, and stay close to the cortex for more opportunities to win big! :)
Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Friday, April 10, 2009

And The Winners Are...

Howdy Folks,
The Quotes Contest was a complete success! I recieved a lot of fabulous entries, and now it is time to announce the winners as promised. And the five lucky winners are:
David B.
Melinda E.
Sue M.
Karen P.
Bob V.
Congratulations! The above winners will be recieving their winning quote suggestions in the mail shortly, so keep a eye on the post!
Also, over the course of the next few days I will be rolling out the new Quote Button Sets for Inara, Book, Simon & Zoe, so keep your eyes peeled on Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe! Here's a little preview of the final products for your viewing pleasure:
Thanks again to everyone who participated in my little Quotes Contest! It was of great help to me, and I enjoy getting my products out there to those that are interested! This will definitely be something that I will try again in the future! I'm thinking maybe some Buffy Quotes sets and Angel Quotes sets... any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)
Thanks again all,
You Can't Stop The Signal!
Ma Cobb

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Free Give-Away Is Brought To You By...

So before I step away from the Cortex for the weekend I wanted to send out a broadwave and announce the monthly free give-away for April.

This month's give away is brought to you by... Kaylee, Jayne, Wash, River, Mal and Firefly/Serenity. Or more specifically this month's give-away is brought to you by the new quotes buttons in my shoppe! All you have to do is purchase something (anything) from my Etsy shoppe! Choose your three (3) favourite quotes from the above quote sets in my shoppe and enter them into the notes to seller as you're checking out on fadingendlessly.etsy.com, and I will send them to you with your purchase! Easy as lyin'! ;)

Hopefully this little give-away will tide you over in anticipation of the release of the rest of my quotes button packs (Simon, Inara, Book & Zoe), which should be released sometime next week, along with the announcement of the winners of the Quotes Contest!

And just a reminder that I will be away for this weekend (Apr 3-5th), so your free buttons will likely be shipped on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Keep flyin,
Ma Cobb

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ma Cobb away from the Cortex for the weekend

Just a quick note regarding shipping this weekend:

Ma Cobb is going to be away from the cortex for the weekend (April 3rd-5th), so I may not get a chance to respond to all convos/emails during this time. Orders will still be taken however, and they will be shipped out in a timely manner either on Monday or Tuesday. Thanks so much for your patience! :) Things will get back to normal next week.

Also, a moment of silence in memory of Andy Hallett (aka "Lorne" from Angel), who passed away this past Sunday. He was 33.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quotes Contest Success!

Just wanted to thank everyone for their submissions to my little Quotes Contest! It was a complete success, and I received many fantastic quote suggestions for Book, Inara, Simon and Zoe! I will be announcing the winners soon, and sending out buttons to those lucky few!

The new buttons will be revealed shortly as well, once I've finished putting the final little tweaks in the designs. So stay glued to the cortex ladies and gents. :)

Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Button Sets And A Quotes Contest! Win Free Buttons!

I posted some new button packs in the ol' shoppe this week: character quote packs! So far I've got:

And Firefly/Serenity:
I'm quite proud of these new little guys!

I'm also working on sets for the rest of the characters (Simon, Inara, Book and Zoe), but it's taking me a bit more time. Perhaps because these characters don't get quite as many good little one-line zingers? Every time I try to rack my brain to come up with good quotes for Simon or Inara, I only seem to remember another line from Mal or River (which probably means I'll be making up more quote packs for Mal and River, tee hee)... Anyway, I'll be working on the rest of the characters in the next week or so, and should be posting their sets soon. :)

In the mean-time if you would like to help me out, there might be a shiny button in it for you! Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe is having a little Quotes Contest! If you have any good quote suggestions or ideas for Simon, Inara Book or Zoe, here's what you need to do to win:

Email your quote suggestions to me at fadingendlessly[at]gmail[dot]com and be sure to put "Quotes Contest" in the subject-line. If your quote suggestion is deemed worthy enough to become a shiny little button in my shoppe, then I will send you that very same little shiny button (or buttons, if you suggest one or more amazing quotes)! :) Here's the info that I'll need from you

1. Any and all quotes by (or about) Simon, Inara, Book or Zoe. These quotes can be from either Firefly or Serenity (or both ;)). Quotes should be about MAXIMUM 15 words long (think of how much I can squish onto a tiny little 1" button). Less is more. :)

2. Your name and address, so if you win, I can send you your button prize(s). :)

Winners will be announced on my blog, to receive all the glory and bragging rights!

Any other questions, just let me know. I look forward any and all suggestions!

Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Free Give-Away is late...

Hey folks,

I've been working on a few new buttons here at Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe, but unfortunately they're taking a bit longer to perfect than I would have hoped. I was going to debut them as a give-away this month, and then put them in my shoppe in April, but my time-line has gone a little bit askew. Anyway, this is all just to explain why the March Free Give-Away hasn't been revealed yet. So I think I'm going to extend the popular February Give-Away for March, and then reveal the new buttons next month. :)
So then, for the March Give-Away, just take a look at all the shiny pics from the February Give-Away. Choose three (3) of your favourite Big Damn Heroes, and write their names in the "Message to Seller" section when you're checking out at fadingendlessly.etsy.com. That's all you've got to do to get three free BDH buttons! Easy peasy!
Hope this is enough to tide over the masses until next month when I debut an all-new set of Serenifly buttons! Cross your fingers that the wait is worth it! ;)
Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb