Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August/September Free Give-Away brought to you by Firefly Cargo Bay!

Ni Hao all,

I have some very pretty pretties for the August/September free give-away! They come from the secret stash at Firefly Cargo Bay. So secret that she doesn't even have them in her inventory yet, so you're getting an exclusive look at some of her new pretty pretties! Earthgirl was kind enough to share some with me, so here they are: fabulous 2 1/2 inch shiny buttons! So fabulous that they dwarf my tiny little 1 inch buttons! There are four different themes to choose from, and a few designs of each:

Three Firefly/Serenity designs:

Three Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog designs:

Three Dr Who designs:

Two Buffy The Vampire Slayer Designs:

So here's how you can bring one of these beauties home:
Just purchase something (anything) from my etsy shoppe, and as you're checking out please indicate in the notes to seller section your top three favourite Firefly Cargo Bay button designs. I will send you your #1 choice (unless it's sold out, then I'll send you your #2 choice etc). These are in limited quantity, so once they're gone, they're gone! So order quick to ensure you get your #1 button choice! If none of your top three choices are left I will send you a surprise button! :)
Thanks to Ms Earthgirl of Firefly Cargo Bay for the lovely give-aways!
Ma Cobb

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TiLT said...

awesome! hard to pick just three :)