Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cedric of the Bedlam Bards, Equality Now, and Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe!

Hey again all!

Another quick update to let you know that the Can't Stop The Serenity charity drive is in full swing, and my Jayne hats, among many other pretties, are involved!

Cedric of the Bedlam Bards is auctioning himself off for Equality Now... well... he's actually auctioning off a performance at the charity screening of the winner's choice. Check it out on ebay. as if that wasn't shiny enough for you, he also has a number of other 'verse goodies that will go to the winner including an independent flag from Firefly Cargo Bay and a Jayne hat from yours truly! The money raised goes to the Serenity Charity Screening of the winner's choice to raise money for Equality Now! This year's screenings are already looking to be a shindiggy good time!

And of course there is a lot of planning going on to get those Serenity charity screenings up and running, so be sure to check out your local screening once June rolls around and support your fellow Browncoats, as well as a worthwhile charity!

And now, for some non-screening-related news: I have updated the gallery on Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe and added a link to a newly created Guestbook, so if you've bought one of my hats in the past and would like to praise it for all to see, please sign the guestbook!

And for those of you on Facebook, please join the Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe group! Just do a search for Ma Cobb, and you should find me!

Keep flyin!
Love, Ma Cobb