Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Season Suggested Shipping Dates

The holidays are approaching. I can hear Santa's sleigh bells already!

Yes folks, as much as you would like to deny it (personally I live in denial), it's that time of year again! The one where Santa boards his big red Sleigh, and packs it full of toys for all the good little girls and boys. This also coincides with the time of year where I stand in line at the Post Office everyday, my arms full of presents for all the good little Browncoats... Coincidence? Wait, am I saying that I'm some kind of Santa Claus?? I'm not really a fan of beards (unless you count Wheezy Waiter...).

Anyway, I digress. It is time for me to announce the Annual Holiday Season Suggested Shipping Dates. These are the last dates that your package should be shipped if you want to get it in time for Dec 25th.

US: Thursday Dec 10th
CANADA: Friday Dec 18th
INTERNATIONAL: Tuesday December 1st

Now these are just suggested dates. Canada Post isn't making any guarantees about anything, and neither am I! ;) There is probably a little bit of lee-way in these dates, but please do remember that mailing items around the holidays usually takes a bit longer than normal, so the more wiggle-room the better. :) That means order early if you want your items in time for Christmas.

Stay shiny!
Ma Cobb

Cunning Hand-Knit Cowl from Ma Cobb

So my first real post in forever is going to be about one of the very fine new items available at Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe, and that is my Jayne-inspired cowl!

Cowls have been very popular on etsy this season, so I figured my little guy would be an excellent addition to the mix. And then what do you know, I've been featured in another gift guide on etsy! Well, I was pleased as punch when I noticed that, so I just had to share with anyone and everyone! Take a gander at all the pretties available:

Anyway, while I'm at it I might as well give you all the little features of my darling new cowl! It's made from an uber-chunky, super-soft wool/acrylic blend, and the colours (as well as the yarn) are a little bit different than my regular acrylic Jayne hat. These are super rich and delightfully soft. Perfect for nuzzling against your chin and neck!

I was so happily surprised to find my little guy nestled in with all the other fantastic items that can be found in the gift guides. It really is gratifying to be honoured like that. It's even great just to know that you must be doing something right... ;)
So with a wink and a nudge, I will leave you to this fabulous fall afternoon.

Take care, and stay shiny!
Ma Cobb

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Busy little beavers...

Well it was a very busy Halloween season here at Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe. I think there must have been quite a few Jaynes out there trick-or-treating this year... or perhaps it'd be more Jayne-like to be intimidatin' and steal candy from the trick-or-treaters... Whatever the case may be, the Jaynes were out in full force this year, which meant for a very busy October, and thus my lack of blogging.

Another thing keepin me busy this past month has been the launch of my brand new site with a new design! Now you can find me at MaCobbsHatShoppe.com. Take a perusal and let me know what you think. :)

I've also launched a few new products on etsy! I plan to go into more detail in future blogs, but I've added a few new rubber stamp designs, as well as a new Jayne-inspired cowl. Most notably, I've also added a few new button sets designed by fellow Browncoat Elizabeth! Check out the very fine designs in my shoppe here. More details and posts to come.

Also look forward to my ever popular "Christmas shipping deadlines" post in the next few days. Looks like you'll be hearing a lot from me in the next little bit. We must make up for lost time. ;)

Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb