Sunday, July 20, 2008

Polaris, and Dragon*Con, and Firefly Cargo Bay! Oh My!

Things have been very hectic here at Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe, so I haven't been updating! But lots of hats have been going out to Browncoats in need, so keep the orders coming!

Ma Cobb's hats were a hit at Polaris in Toronto last weekend, where they could be found at the Firefly Cargo Bay table in the dealer's room. They were sold out by Saturday!! You'll also be able to find my hats at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year, just keep your eye out for the Independent flag, and you'll find Firefly Cargo Bay's stash of awesome 'versy goodness (including my Jayne hats, and brand new mini Jayne hats)!

And last but not least, my little shop is coming along quite well! so check it out at and watch out for new shinies on the way!

Thanks again Ma Cobb flans!
Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb