Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe featured on Etsy Frontpage... and other news

I woke up this fine Sunday morning and one of my brand new button listings had 134 views! I guess it was featured as an alternate on the front page of etsy early this morning! Yay! This is my second etsy front page feature, so it is still very exciting for me! You can see the collection of lovelies here, thanks to craftcult:

Just lovely!

And I suppose I should take this opportunity to probably mention that I do have a few shiny new listings in my shoppe, including the above featured listing! I've got two new CUSTOMIZABLE button packs in my shoppe! There's a six-button set, and a ten-button set. I've had so many requests for mixed and matched combinations of buttons that I figured it was probably a good idea to make it a little easier on people and just make a mix and match listiing. Rest assured, I've still got all character-themed button sets in my shoppe, but now those who want different combinations of buttons also have options. So if you were thinking that you perhaps wanted a Wash button as well as a Jayne button, and a few Kaylee buttons there's a customizable listing just for you! :)

Along with the custom button packs, I've also listed two customizable MAGNET sets for those who don't really wear buttons, but still would like to have a few Serenifly accessories for the fridge, or for the filing cabinet at work. There's a six-magnet pack and a ten-magnet pack. So if you wanted that set of Jayne buttons made into magnets the six-magnet pack is the listing for you. Or maybe you wanted a few Frak magnets, and couple Dollhouse magnets, and a few Serenifly magnets. Well then, the ten-magnet set is probably what you're looking for! So many options!

Alrighty, I should probably get back to knitting now. It's been awhile since I've blogged, so I'll probably be back shortly with more news. June was a very busy month for me (thus the sparse blogging) with the CSTS screening in Toronto and a couple of other wholesale orders that I was working on. I do have a few other tidbits of news that I'd like to share, but I'll save them for a later post. So stay tuned. :)

Stay shiny,


Ma Cobb

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