Wednesday, October 29, 2008

November Give-Away!!

Howdy Ma Cobb fans!

Time has been moving swiftly along, hasn't it? I cannot believe that October is almost over! But that's good news for fans of Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe, because with November comes my very first Monthly Give-Away Offer!!!
That's right folks, for the month of November all purchases from Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe will be eligible for a free Mini Browncoat Button Pack! All you have to do is enter the coupon code "I'll be in my bunk" in the note to seller when you are checking out at Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe on and I will send you a pack of three random Browncoat Buttons (see my shoppe for examples of my very fine Browncoat buttons)!
Yep, it is really that easy to get some free Browncoaty-goodness! The only stipulation is that this coupon is only valid for orders from my shoppe at
So go ahead, and get ready to order in November and receive free stuff! This give-away begins in T minus 3 days. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Quick Break To Bring You These Messages...

Well, I've had very little blogging time on account of having to keep my fingers busy knitting, but I thought I'd pop by with a little insight into my life these days, and here it is, in one word: BUSY!

So here are a few pictures of hats that have been claimed by their future owners! They are all ready to ship out and go live new and exciting little lives with their new and shiny owners! If you look closely you can tell how happy they are to be the chosen ones (wait... wrong show)! You can even tell through the cardboardy boxes that they're in.
The other two little hats sitting there were very jealous of their brothers and sisters, who got to be nestled in straw and sent with love through the Alliance Postal Service. But fear not for those lonely two who got left behind. They too have found happy homes, and are now on their way to their new owners as well!
And with that, I must get knitting. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe on Twitter!!

Ni hao Ma Cobb fans!

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe has decided to join the world of twitter! You can find Ma Cobb at Yay! Isn't new technology fun? Hehe, I feel so old! Please come find me, as I don't have any 'friends' yet, and I want to know what you're doing! :)

See you on twitter!
Stay shiny,
Ma Cobb

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe Blog on Whedonesque!

Ack! Did my SQUEEE!!!! wake you up this morning?? I woke up early this morning to find my blog linked on! Whedonesque is like the Geek-Mecca to me! So I am totally in nirvana right now! All thanks to Magie and James Marsters! Yay!

Now someone tell me how the heck I'm going to get through work today without just floating right out of my little cubicle? Hee! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe Blog! Monthly give-aways coming soon!

Just a quick update to let you know (in case you didn't already) that Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe BLOG is now LIVE! Here it is! ;) I have updated and linked to all my various haunts (MySpace, FaceBook, Geocities, Etsy...), and so the blog is on its way to becoming a grown up blog! Yay!

I plan to update semi-regularly, and I think that once I get everything figured out I'm going to start a monthly contest to win fun prizes and products from Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe! So be sure and stay tuned to the updates and you can have a chance at winning some of my very fine pretties!!

Thanks, and stay shiny!
Ma Cobb
(aka angela)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Spike" at Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe

One of the absolute coolest things that has happened here at Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe occured over this past summer. A friend of mine (Magie) is a huge James Marsters afficionado. She's met him several times at different conventions over the years, and she was planning to see him again at Atlanta's Dragon*Con in August. She decided that she wanted to commission a Jayne hat to give to him for his birthday, so I knit one up special just for him.... and here is the result. One of the MOST awesome pics that Magie could have sent me is this one of James Marsters in one of my Jayne hats.
Pretty cunning, dontcha think? ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Love Letter To One Of My Favourite Geniuses

Dear Bryan Fuller:

Please don't ever stop being so awesome.

Ma Cobb

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ma Cobb to the Rescue!

I had this whole elaborate tale to tell about how frustrated I get when sellers won't ship to Canada, or when they completely overcharge for shipping to Canada (or my favourite excuse: when sellers don't want to have to go to the PO to ship International First Class packages! That's my biggest pet peeve! I go to the Post Office just about everyday! You don't see me complaining! Grr!). But alas, I don't want to dwell on snarkyness and frustration on this fine Tuesday afternoon. So I'll move on to something a little bit more fun!

I went to one of my favourite conventions this summer: Fan Expo in Toronto, and besides seeing some very awesome special guests (Renee O'Connor, Kristy Swanson, Brent Spiner, Edward James Olmos (from afar) and The Fonze! to name a few), I also came across this little booth that was making Super Hero Cards.

So I present to you: Ma Cobb: Super Hero!
So, okay this one I wasn't very prepared for, so it's not my favourite. Although I guess I'm somewhat "known" as a Jayne hat Knitter in the TO area, well... it doesn't exactly go with the theme now, does it? Plus the girl made me wear this creepy mask which wasn't very Ma-Cobb-esque. So I went back with a friend later on in the weekend and I got this one done up:

This one's a bit more flattering, in my opinion, and I like that my power is that I "knit VERY fast". Hee hee. If you knew how many Jayne hats I've knit in the past month alone, you'd probably start to wonder if maybe I'm not specially gifted somehow. I'm waiting for Heroes to introduce a character with my ability. But alas, perhaps knitting is a bit too mundane for prime-time television. It might come in handy though, if your name is Ma Cobb...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Original Jayne Hat on Ebay-- Ends Today!

So the Jayne hat auction on Ebay ends today in about 5 hours! It's still only at $1775usd and that seems ridiculously low to me at this point in the auction. Man, if I only had a few thousand credits to spare I would so be there. Sadly, I do not. But I still wants it!

Oh well, I will have to make do with my reproduction. Which I've been told is as good as the real thing. Except perhaps for the fact that Adam Baldwin hasn't ever touched the reproductions. But he has touched me.... so maybe if you do the 6 degrees of separation thing... ;)