Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Haiku is Problematic...

I get a weekly newsletter from and I just had to share this week's Haiku with the rest of the 'verse. They have a weekly Haiku contest, and the winning entry just happens to be about one of my favourite crewmembers!

The latest ThinkGeek Techie Haiku Winner is: Taylor from Montgomery, Alambama!
We lovingly title it

"This Haiku Is Problematic"

Use the Force, Malcolm
Gorram reavers on our tail!
Oops, wrong universe.

Ma Cobb


Photographer Leia said...

lol I read that too and thought it was great. Have you seen the newish Inevitable Betrayal tee?

Three cheers for TG

Ma Cobb said...

Haha, yeah! "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal" ThinkGeek rocks! ;)