Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Suggested Mailing Dates for the 2008 Holiday Season

Well, despite the lack of updates, I thought it was probably a good idea to let everyone know that I am back from my little weekend away, and finally just starting to catch-up from my weekend without knitting. It was indeed a nice little break, but I got back feeling a bit panicked as this past week was hectic with keeping up with orders (of the Jayne hat and button variety). But I gave myself a bit of time this weekend and I'm pretty much all caught up now(or ahead of the game, in some cases), so let the Christmas Orders begin... or continue, as the case may be. :) Thankfully there are quite a lot of on-the-ball Browncoats out there who have already started their Christmas shopping. Despite not being much of an advance-Christmas-gift-buyer myself, I do salute those that are staying ahead of the game. It makes things quite a lot easier for me, and all of us who make hand-made items perfect for gift-giving.

Speaking of Christmas, I've been meaning to post the Suggested Mailing dates for the 2008 holiday season. Unfortunately Canada Post is being a bit cagey, and they're not posting the dates for packages that are being sent to the US via Small Packet Air, which of course is my main shipping method. They're also not giving dates for Expedited within Canada (my second most frequent shipping method). This is so frustrating! Sometimes I just don't understand Canada Post. And going to the Post Office every day, I've heard much the same thing from my Postal Workers! Anyway, the following are the best guesses that we could come up with:

Expedited within Canada: Dec 12th-22nd (depending on location, if you're in a remote community, or not in Southwestern Ontario, err on the side of caution)
Airmail to the US: Dec 8th-9th
Airmail to the UK & Europe: Dec 8th
Airmail to Australia: Dec 8th
Airmail to Everywhere else: Dec 1st-8th (depending on your country)

As I've stated, these are just our best guesses, and should make it on time. I suggest ordering early in order to guarantee your package gets to you before the holidays. If you miss these dates, or it's close and you want it guaranteed to reach you on time, these quicker (and more expensive methods) are also an option. Just email or write a note to me while checking out and I can upgrade you and send you a paypal invoice for the extra shipping:

Xpresspost to the US: Dec 15th (approx. $20 for shipping depending on location)
Xpresspost within Canada: Dec 22nd (approx. $20 for shipping depending on location)
Xpresspost to Europe, Australia, & Everywhere Else: Dec 12th (approx $32-$55, depending on location! Quite pricey!)

So, there's good news in there, and there's bad news. I wish that I could control the Post, but sadly I am just a little Jayne-hat-knitter, and I can only bend to the whim of Canada Post. Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever, and I'll do my best to answer them (or find out from my trusty Postal Workers).

Stay shiny, and order early!!
Ma Cobb


earthgirl said...

a heads up to everyone-- the people that track lost packages for Canada Post are on strike right now. That means if it goes missing, consider it gone for an indefinite amount of time. I have a small package that was to be delivered on October 28 and it's still in limbo, because there's no one to look for it!

also- add extra time you people in the States. US Customs is VERY uptight about textiles entering the country and tend to hold those items at the boarder. Why? Because they can.

Always allow extra time!! In other words- order yesterday! LOL. Get those orders in for Ma.


Ma Cobb said...

Thanks for the reminder, earthgirl! It is always better to order early when you need something shipped in time for the Holidays! Although I'm sure I'll still get quite a few inquiries the Monday before! ;) Yes it will get there in time for Christmas, it's just going to cost $60 for shipping. :)