Friday, November 21, 2008

Jayne Hat Review at DrFaulken's Very Fine Blog

A nice little surprise awaited Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe this week! Earlier in the week I got a message from a Browncoat to let me know that he had gotten his hat, and that he loved it! But that's not all! He also sent me a link to his blog where he had done an in-depth review of the experience of opening his Very Fine Package. And now I present it for all to read at DrFaulken's Very Fine Blog! A very big thanks to DrFaulken for the kind words!And I must follow that up with another happy Browncoat in his Very Fine Hat. This one sent to me by greg of a fellow Etsian! Check out his shiny buttons and prints!
Thanks to greg for letting me borrow this one! :) I love to see happy Browncoats in Jayne hats!

The hats have been flying right out of my hands this past week, and I think there will be a couple more crazy weeks of Christmas shoppers before it gets to be too late to ship in time for the holidays. I'm trying to take it all in stride. Despite being the busiest that I have ever been, I am having quite a good time running around like a crazy person. My local postal workers have come accustomed to seeing me everyday at the post office, and they all know what is in my little boxes and envelopes. I am "the hat girl". Heehee. Nothin' wrong with that. :)


Photographer Leia said...

What a great review! I hope you aren't getting too overwhelmed this Christmas season by avid firefly fans. ;)

Ma Cobb said...

Just a bit overwhelmed Leia, but I'm one of those crazy avid Firefly flans, so I can completely relate. ;) And there are only a couple weeks left of shipping in time for the holidays, so there's a lull in sight ;)