Sunday, November 30, 2008

December Give-Away brought to you by Firefly Cargo Bay

Gorramit! I was so busy knitting all weekend that I almost forgot to announce the December Give-Away! This month's give-away is very special indeed as it is a small sampling one of the very fine products that you will find when you visit Firefly Cargo Bay. Yessir, Earthgirl has many fine items hiding in the little nooks and crannies of, but one of my very favourites is her collection of temporary tattoos:

There are four fabulous designs perfect for any Browncoat: Blue Sun, Serenity, The Fruity Oaty girls, and the Independent Patch. And for the month of December you can get a set of all four tattoo designs with any purchase from Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe! Just enter the code "Firefly Cargo Bay" in the notes to seller when checking out and you can take home these shiny tatts:

Perfect for wearing with your Jayne hat, or with some of my very fine Browncoat Buttons!

And of course you need to see all the other shiny wares that Earthgirl has in her Cargo Bay! I don't think a finer collection of 'verse wares have ever been together in one place at the same time! Independent flags, black-market beagles, Badger hats, Kaylee-esque parasols, terrifying space monkies.... this stash has got it all! And if you hurry you can get it all in time for the holidays for that special Browncoat on your Christmas list!

Much love, and stay shiny,

Ma Cobb

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