Friday, November 14, 2008


Howdy friends of Ma Cobb,

Things have been bustling around here! I'm fair certain that the Christmas shopping season is in full-swing here on the cortex... or at least at my little shoppe. I'm not nearly as prepared as I wanted to be, but I think that's only because I have underestimated just how busy things can get. But I am wholly enjoying the busy-ness (business? lol). And I'm not frantic... yet. Also: I am so grateful for early Christmas shoppers! Thank you all!

So a couple of little milestones happened this week. First of all I wore out my first pair of knitting needles! Well, okay, it's not like they're completely worn down to the nubs or anything, but they got a couple little cracks and started splitting a bit and kept catching the yarn, kind of like a hang-nail. My diy patch-job with pink nailpolish really wasn't cutting it, so I decided that with 300+ Jayne hats under their belts, it was probably time to retire my much-loved needles.

Which brings me to my second milestone: 300 Jayne hats! Yes folks, that's right! I have passed the 300 mark! There are over 300 Browncoats walking around in the world wearing one of my cunning knit Jayne hats! Well maybe they're not wearing them right this minute, but... you get my point. The number isn't completely accurate, as I didn't start keeping track until sometime in 2005 when I started selling them (at that point I had already knit a good little number for friends and local Browncoats).

Anyway, I thought that was an interesting tidbit, for those who like to keep track. It's funny, but 300 seems simultaneously like soooo many, and yet not that many at all. Is that weird? I've been doing this for awhile now, and yet I can't even imagine what all those hats would look like if, say, they all got together to hang out, or something... But then again, maybe my sleepiness is making my brain-pan a little whimsical. So perhaps I will turn in for the evening.

See you in the world,
Ma Cobb


Photographer Leia said...

No matter how you cut it Ma .. 300 is still a lot. Congrats!

Ma Cobb said...

Hee hee, thanks Leia, that's what I thought. :) But in my head it still feels more like I've knit thousands of them. ;)