Saturday, January 24, 2009

Letter to Ma Cobb from Jayne

Ma Cobb received a very interesting wave from a very fine Browncoat this week, and I thought it might be of interest to other Browncoats, so here it is folks:

"Dear Ma,

Thank you much for my new hat. The rest of the crew is very jalus and wish they had a mom like you who loved them. Little Kaylee likes it, and Wash said it makes people know I am brave when they see me wear it. I think it is cunning the way you made it and it will keep my hed warm in my travels.

I am sorry sis is not feeling good. She has been sickly since she came down with that case of the cold robbies. My job is sometimes dangerus but its that nutcase girl on bord who really scares me.

Love your son,

Just wanted to thank Bob for this fantastic in-character letter to Ma. I love it! :)


Photographer Leia said...

And bob thanks for the grin! that certainly made me chuckle.

earthgirl said...

that's definitely a keeper note!