Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Quick Break To Bring You These Messages...

Well, I've had very little blogging time on account of having to keep my fingers busy knitting, but I thought I'd pop by with a little insight into my life these days, and here it is, in one word: BUSY!

So here are a few pictures of hats that have been claimed by their future owners! They are all ready to ship out and go live new and exciting little lives with their new and shiny owners! If you look closely you can tell how happy they are to be the chosen ones (wait... wrong show)! You can even tell through the cardboardy boxes that they're in.
The other two little hats sitting there were very jealous of their brothers and sisters, who got to be nestled in straw and sent with love through the Alliance Postal Service. But fear not for those lonely two who got left behind. They too have found happy homes, and are now on their way to their new owners as well!
And with that, I must get knitting. :)


Katarina said...

You're amazing! By now you must see a stripey gold-pumpkin-rust colored haze over everything you look at!

I'm sooo happy because the weather hasjust turned here in Massachusetts which means I get to start wearing my awesome hat out of the apartment instead of just prancing around inside with it! Ha!

May all your waves be happy!

Photographer Leia said...

I too am amazed. The process must be automatic for you anymore! Next year one of those hats just my have my name on it :-p

Ma Cobb said...

Hee thanks guys! :)

Katarina, I'm so glad that you get to let the hat out of the house! Yay for fall weather! You're right, I do see the Jayne hat colours everywhere I go! It's funny, but now whenever I see anything in that particular yellow-orange-red colour combo, I'm strangely drawn to it. ;)

And Leia, yes it has become automatic! I often joke that I could knit a Jayne hat in my sleep! Hee hee! A few parts would be difficult, but I think I could pull it off. ;) But don't worry, I won't knit your hat while sleeping.