Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ma Cobb to the Rescue!

I had this whole elaborate tale to tell about how frustrated I get when sellers won't ship to Canada, or when they completely overcharge for shipping to Canada (or my favourite excuse: when sellers don't want to have to go to the PO to ship International First Class packages! That's my biggest pet peeve! I go to the Post Office just about everyday! You don't see me complaining! Grr!). But alas, I don't want to dwell on snarkyness and frustration on this fine Tuesday afternoon. So I'll move on to something a little bit more fun!

I went to one of my favourite conventions this summer: Fan Expo in Toronto, and besides seeing some very awesome special guests (Renee O'Connor, Kristy Swanson, Brent Spiner, Edward James Olmos (from afar) and The Fonze! to name a few), I also came across this little booth that was making Super Hero Cards.

So I present to you: Ma Cobb: Super Hero!
So, okay this one I wasn't very prepared for, so it's not my favourite. Although I guess I'm somewhat "known" as a Jayne hat Knitter in the TO area, well... it doesn't exactly go with the theme now, does it? Plus the girl made me wear this creepy mask which wasn't very Ma-Cobb-esque. So I went back with a friend later on in the weekend and I got this one done up:

This one's a bit more flattering, in my opinion, and I like that my power is that I "knit VERY fast". Hee hee. If you knew how many Jayne hats I've knit in the past month alone, you'd probably start to wonder if maybe I'm not specially gifted somehow. I'm waiting for Heroes to introduce a character with my ability. But alas, perhaps knitting is a bit too mundane for prime-time television. It might come in handy though, if your name is Ma Cobb...


Photographer Leia said...

Knitting very fast ... that's cute

Ma Cobb said...

heee, thanks photographer! :)