Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ma Cobb's Hat Shoppe Blog on Whedonesque!

Ack! Did my SQUEEE!!!! wake you up this morning?? I woke up early this morning to find my blog linked on! Whedonesque is like the Geek-Mecca to me! So I am totally in nirvana right now! All thanks to Magie and James Marsters! Yay!

Now someone tell me how the heck I'm going to get through work today without just floating right out of my little cubicle? Hee! :)


magtag said...

Not only was it posted on Whedonesque but it was also posted on which is where I always go for info, so THAT was also pretty big. Well sweetie, you've hit the big time!!!

Ma Cobb said... too!!?? Holy moly! :) We are famous! hee hee